Nine Reasons To Choose NIIT University

Why choose NIIT University

Students at NIIT University get the best academic exposure and industry experience. Read along to know why NU’s Programme is the ideal choice for you.

  1. Customisable & Industry linked Curriculum
  2. The curriculum at NU is planned with the right mix of research and industry-relevant subjects taught through project based learning. Our B Tech CSE programme has Digital Transformation Technology curriculum right from semester one.

    • Individualised curriculum
    • One third of credits of the programme can be individualised by the students. NU offers a separate, optional minor certificate programme that runs parallel to the degree programme. Minors in Finance, Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship are offered.

    • Research from 1st year
    • Undergraduate students are expected to work on an R&D Project. This helps them acquire a research orientation that can be applied in their future jobs.

    • Credits through co-curricular activities
    • NU believes that the success of an individual is also dependent on non-academic qualities like collaboration, planning and leadership. To create a holistic personality, academic credits are also given for these activity based courses.

  3. Immersive Industry Practice
  4. During industry practice, a flagship course at NU, a student works on the real-time project of an organisation under the direct mentoring by a faculty and an industry professional. This six-month period makes the transition from a student to an employed professional in industry, seamless and smooth. You can choose from over 386 industry partners at NU.

  5. Talks by Industry Leaders
  6. Corporate leaders from leading organisations regularly come to NIIT University to share their valuable experience. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Founder-Chairman, Biocon Limited had a fruitful interaction with NU students when she visited the NU campus.

  7. Powered by NIIT
  8. NIIT University draws from NIIT’s 35 years of industry experience to offer you the best Computer Science Programme.

  9. Startups @ NU
  10. NU provides the necessary ecosystem to encourage students to start their own business ventures. With cutting-edge labs & start-up incubation centre on campus, you can apply your knowledge to real life problems and nurture your entrepreneurial spirit.

  11. Placements
  12. At NU, we have achieved a placement record of 100% for the 2017 batch. Leading companies like IBM, PwC and TCS came to our campus and gave exciting job offers to our students.

  13. Student Clubs and Sports
  14. The campus is always abuzz with various student run clubs. From photography, singing, dancing, theatre, trekking to innovation, there are clubs to meet everyone’s interests. When it comes to sports, NU has indoor sports like chess, carom, billiards and outdoor sports like basketball, cricket, football, tennis - NIIT University also boasts of trekking, valley crossing, zip lining and camping owing to its picturesque setting among the Aravalis.

  15. Ideal Location
  16. The campus location in the pristine Aravalli hills help students learn in a quiet pollution-free atmosphere that is healthy for the mind, body and spirit. Also, being just 90 minutes away from IGI Airport, Delhi is also a major advantage. It’s just like a home away from home.

  17. Seamless community connect
  18. NU aims to bridge the many divides that exist - NU & its rural neighbourhood, campus & its adjoining forest, village & industrial communities, and university and the adjoining Japanese zone.


When you start your educational journey at NU, you don’t just start a academic programme, you actually embrace a new life. A life where, you will be mentored, motivated and given an ideal environment to achieve your career dreams. See you at NU!

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