. Symposium on Best Teaching-Learning Practices using Technology 6 February 2020 NIIT UNIVERSITY NEEMRANA

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Teaching Learning Symposium 2020

Symposium on Best Teaching-Learning Practices using Technology
6 February 2020

NIIT University (NU) is organising a symposium to bring school teachers together to share their best teaching-learning practices using technology.  The annual event is expected to provide the much-needed platform for teachers and counselors to share and learn teaching-learning strategies to improve students’ learning experience. In addition, NU Faculty and Mentor Professors will share their innovations in teaching-learning that are being carried on at the University.

For whom?

School Teachers

School Counselors


 1 day


Thursday 6th February 2020


NU Campus

Symposium Theme and Areas:

Transforming Education

  • Languages
  • Science and Math
  • Humanities and Social Studies
  • Counseling (can also be integrated with subject-specific counseling)
  • Physical Education, Fine Arts
  • Integrated (an integration of two or more subjects)
  • School/Classroom management
  • Special Needs


Prof. V. S. Rao

Advisory Committee

Prof. Parimal V Mandke

Prof. Sudip Sanyal

Prof. Eswaran Narasimhan

Prof. Debashis Sengupta

Organising Committee

Prof. Vijay Mandke (General Chair)

Ms. Meera S Datta (Program Chair)

Ms. Ankita Gupta (Member)

Ms. Bina Sharma (Member)

Ms. Shelly Sachdeva (Member)

Submission Process:

  • Submit a concise report describing your new way of teaching you have adopted or how you used technology to teach/learn (PC, laptop, mobiles, handhelds, being a few examples to tlsym2020@niituniversity.in
    • You can draw from the work you have done in the past, are currently executing or are planning to execute in the future
    • The innovative pedagogical practice could have been implemented in the classroom or outside it.
    • The report should document improvements you have observed and any tools you have used to measure the improvements
  • The symposium proceedings will be compiled and made available on NU website
  • Printed proceedings to be given to schools for use in their library 

Relevant Symposium Dates:

Final Submission of Abstract: 30th January 2020

Programme Schedule Upload: 03rd February 2020

Symposium: 6th February 2020

Final Report Submission: 02nd March 2020

Symposium Proceedings: 04th May 2020


Report Format

  • Title of Report (Should communicate the idea/approach/activity)
  • Names, Affiliation (School Name & School Code) and Contact Details of All Presenters (Postal Address, Email ID & Mobile Number; Clearly mention Author for Correspondence)
  • Subject Area/Topic/Class
  • Report Body:
    • Use language that is readable by people from different areas. The language should follow the principles of clarity, conciseness and flow. Aim to submit a report that can be published as is on the website.
    • You can support the report with video/images/any other digital material. Please provide the same and indicate whether they can be published on the website.
    • Include impact observed
    • State your conclusions – impact, how can the strategy be used by others, how can it be extended
    • Keep the length between 750-1000 words
  • The final report format will be shared

How to arrive at innovative pedagogical practices?

  • Align your work with the core values, ethos and goals of your school (School authorities, Principal and Management are a good source)
  • Articulate the task suggested to you by school authorities (School Principal & Management).
  • Alternatively articulate the task you are planning to execute in order to meet a goal that the school authorities are keen on achieving
  • List down the goals/end objectives of this task
  • List down other benefits you perceive of executing this task
  • Lay down the steps you will follow
  • Lay down criteria you will measure and monitor to state whether the task was executed successfully and to what degree
  • Identify your team of students who will help you with the task
  • Track the challenges that occurred while executing the task
  • Document outcomes of the task and how it has helped your school in improving its effectiveness and image. You can use video to document similar to documentaries.


Registration and Report Upload

For any queries, please write to tlsym2020@niituniversity.in