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Programmed to Achieve Mastery

M.Tech - Educational Technology (ET)

The world of education and training has seen a tremendous change over the last decade and has progressed from teacher-centricity to learner-centricity and now to collaborative learning. Simultaneously, the world of technology has seen a convergence trend from stand-alone systems to connected systems and now to mobile systems leading to mobility in content. Technology is impacting education by not just providing a new means of imparting education but also by changing the very way learning environments can be designed. The two worlds have interlocked giving rise to a new body of knowledge- Educational Technology (ET).

The emerging field of ET has the potential to transform the way schools and colleges teach, students learn and organisations conduct business.

The worlds of education and business themselves have undergone changes in tandem with technological advances moving from local to global operations, with innovation becoming the key factor for both survival and success. Specifically now, innovation necessarily rests on how effectively the institution or business organisation translates the learning that occurs from processing existing enterprise information to smarter and better decisions, strategies and processes. Thus, learning has become omnipresent in every activity. Those who learn, flourish; those who don’t, perish.

At institutional as well as business levels, this underlines a pressing need for ET professionals who can design learning and information systems that enable institutions and organisations to improve their work processes to bring about a quantum change in productivity and efficiency.

About the M.Tech ET Programme

The fast-emerging field of Educational Technology refers to the thoughtful design, implementation and assessment of new media and technology initiatives to give the necessary impetus to create effective learning organisations. Educational Technology is the degree of the techno-cognitive era. This is the era which we thrive in and which needs learning professionals who are effective leaders and this is only possible with the intelligent and smart use of technology and information processing abilities.

NIIT University Educational Technology Area is designed to provide learning opportunities that aim to build great careers as domain specialists, advanced researchers and effective learning professionals.

The 2 Year M.Tech programme in Educational Technology from NIIT University prepares leaders to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of learning processes, thus giving them a strategic professional advantage.

The challenge of education in 21st century is to design and implement work integrated technology solutions to add maximum value to the learning process and the organization.

M.Tech Educational Technology Programme has been especially designed to create an extraordinary learning architecture that promotes customized improvement in work functions as per individual learner and institutional requirements. The Programme helps in following ways:

  • Aligns learning exercises to learners’ work function.
  • Leverages the power of technology to get multiplier effect in learning.
  • Encourages learners’ information origination and processing capabilities for improved decision making and value creation.
  • Allows the learners to assimilate knowledge in an extended knowledge realm.

M.Tech ET Programme Creates Value through Two Specializations:

1. Teaching Learning Process Innovation [TLPI]

NIIT University’s M.Tech Educational Technology [TLPI] is a unique, school sponsored, technology oriented, multi-disciplinary programme that aims at building the ICT competence of teachers and creating par excellence educators. Experiential learning- and reflection- driven realistic approach to teaching, wherein teacher and learner both process smarter information and construct knowledge.

2. Business Model Innovation [BMI]

NIIT University’s M.Tech Educational Technology [BMI] is a unique, organization sponsored, technology oriented, multi-disciplinary programme designed for professionals of the 21st Century that aims at improving work effectiveness and creating an integrated learning organization. Through a transformational process involving courses, R&D project, industry practice and other co-curricular components, the programme seeks to create exceptional leaders trained to operate in tomorrow’s complex technology-oriented business environment.


The following value streams are included:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Customer Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Procurement Services
  • Product Design Engineering
  • Research I: Technology Development>
  • Research II: Product development for customers, who come with delay
  • Marketing
  • Market Information Capture
  • Product Maintenance
  • ICT-Enabled ET Application Development
  • ICT-Enabled ET Infrastructure
  • Business Professional Development
  • Financial Management
  • Any other as desired by work professional and sponsoring business organization

List of Professional Core Courses in ET

  • Principles and Practices of Learning Engineering
  • Introduction to Experiential Learning & Reflection and Education
  • Mobile Learning and ts Applications
  • Learning Strategically
  • Web Design and Programming
  • Applied Instructional Design
  • E-Learning Tools and Techniques for Online Learning
  • Integrity Learning System
  • ET Leadership
  • Assessment and Certification
  • Seminar Course in Self-directed Learning Reflecting

List of Professional Elective Courses in ET

  • ICT for Education
  • Multiple Intelligence and Learning Disabilities
  • Integrity Learning System
  • Neural Basis of Learning
  • Independent Reading Course 1
  • Independent Reading and Writing Course 2


Why is NU offering this program?

NU recognises the vacuum that exists within institutions because of the absence of ICT-enabled ET policy & vision, and classroom practices in schools and colleges leading to ineffective teaching-learning. Within business organisations, lack of awareness of the importance played by ET leads to inefficient business processes. Hence, it is offering this one-of-its-kind of programme with inputs drawn from the industry, academia and research bodies.

Whom is the programme for?

In-service (and pre-service) teachers and working professionals with a graduate degree in any discipline who are involved in activities for improving internal processes within an institution or organisation, or involved in designing training and information systems for external clients as part of institutional or organisational work.

What are the key generic benefits of M. Tech ET Programme?

Over 80% of the course time is spent on learning activities drawn from Teaching-Learning or business work and projects, thus, enabling a high ROI for sponsoring organisations. Global standard professionals who will generate high-end ET off-shore business, effective design and implementation of products, systems and processes leading to substantial efficiencies in development as well as providing quality service to the customer – both internal and external. The programme is also an effective means to promote growth of individuals in the organisation and a means to recognise high potential individuals by providing sponsorship.