. M.Tech (Cyber Security) with Infosys

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M.Tech (Cyber Security) with Infosys

M.Tech (Cyber Security) with Infosys


Programme Overview

NIIT University, in association with Infosys has designed an Industry Linked Postgraduate Programme, M.Tech in Cyber Security for aspiring professionals of Infosys, who are keen to explore and exploit the latest trends in Cyber Security Technologies. A combination of deep academic rigor and intense practical approach will allow participants to master in-demand skills and build world class expertise.

M.Tech (Cyber Security) is a 2-year duration post-graduate programme that offers an advanced study on Cyber Security methodologies and their applications in real-time scenarios. The students are exposed to the advanced tools and technologies used to secure infra and network, cloud, IoT, blockchain, web communication and cyber threats. The programme focuses on preparing expert cyber security professionals those who can easily handle the real-life difficulties directly connected with the cyber security scenario. 

With string of data breaches at large organizations  and cyber criminals targeting not only sensitive government and corporate information but also the common man, there is an increased need of trained professionals today to tackle the ever growing menace. In addition, critical infrastructure of nations such as banking, air traffic control, energy distribution, e-governance, etc. which are more dependent on the Internet for proper functioning, are vulnerable to cyber attacks. In fact, national security is linked to cyber security. The world faces a projected shortfall of 3.5 million cyber security experts today. The M.Tech in Cyber Security programme at NIIT University aims to bridge the skills gap between the manpower needs and available talent pool by developing trained professionals. 

Unique Program Features

  • Rigorous and comprehensive academic course work
  • Hands-on experience with real-world applications
  • Use of state-of-the-art tools and technologies
  • Projects jointly offer by NU and Industry Partner
  • Internships at Industry Partner site

For any queries, please write to mtechcybersecurity@niituniversity.in