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NU Industry Sponsored Programmes

NU believes that collaboration between the University and industry can have a deep impact on the progress and growth of both. In order to achieve this, NU has launched a suite of Industry Sponsored Programmes.

This set of programmes has been designed to support collaboration between industry and academia, providing both with an opportunity to enhance and leverage their relationship. One of the guiding principles of this collaboration is the spirit of symbiotic co-operation - the industry offers knowledge of business practices and trends, and the University contributes proven methodology and expertise.

Some successful Industry Sponsored Programmes that have been executed and are running are:

  • MBA (Business Analytics) with WNS
  • MBA (Intelligent Data Science) with NIIT Technologies
  • MBA (Finance & Banking) with ICICI Bank
  • M.Tech (Cyber Security) with PwC
  • PGDBRM with Federal Bank
  • PGD (Banking & Finance) with United Bank of India
  • PGD (Banking & Finance) with Bank of Maharashtra
  • The Industry Sponsored Programmes are ‘co-created’ with a collaborating organisation to ensure that the students create value for the organisations.