Prof. Sudhir Kaicker

Faculty, Sudhir Kaicker - NIIT University
Designation: Mentor Professor
Area of Study: Computer Science
Qualifications: B.Sc. (Hons) Physics (Delhi University, 1969)
M.Sc. Physics (Delhi University, 1971)
Ph.D. Particle Physics (Ohio University, USA, 1977)
Administrative Experience: Headed the Computer Centre at JNU (1989 - 2009)
Teaching Experience: Have taught at Universities and Colleges in the US, Canada, South Africa, Iraq and in India
Books: C, C++, Problem Solving

I have created a six-million line package of Java classes to build an e-tutor to teach the Sanskrit language to English-speaking people. Thousands of copies of this free software – named SanskritaPradipika – have been downloaded worldwide, and a subsequent development has been that I now teach Sanskrit to students in many countries from my home, using Skype. To further this goal I’ve created a number of complex Java programs that enable me to create and produce searchable Sanskrit texts on the PC. These programs have been fundamental to the creation of a website on the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, in which a number of facilities, such as word-search, chants of the slokas, a Sanskrit writing tool and more have been provided. This website may be viewed at Gita Mritam For this purpose please use Google Chrome browser.

SanskritaPradipika, the e-tutor for Sanskrit, may be downloaded from http://www.sanskrit-lamp.in.

A large-scale Java program to help students learn mathematics is also under preparation.

Prof. Sudhir Kaicker can be reached at:sudhir.kaicker@niituniversity.in