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Mr. Pradyut Kumar Sanki

Faculty, Pradyut Kumar Sanki - NIIT University

Faculty Name:

Mr. Pradyut Sanki


Assistant Professor


Electronics & Communication Engineering


B. Tech., M. Tech., PhD (Thesis Submitted)

Teaching Field:

Integrated Electronics, Advanced VLSI


6 Years

Research Areas:

Architecture Design of ICs

Research Focus:

Embedded System Design

Consulting Area:

Digital Design

Other Interests:

Biomedical Engineering


Information of Research Publications

Research Publication Details (From 2011 to 2016):


  1. Pradyut Kumar SankiSatyabrata SarangiPraful P. Pai, Omkar CK, Pralay Mandal, Shib Shankar Das, Anindya Sundar Dhar, Swapna Banerjee (2013), “Apparatus and Calibration Method for Non-Invasive Measurement of Blood Components using Photoacoustic Spectroscopy,”.(patent application 670/KOL/2013).

Journal Article

  1. P. P. Pai, P. K. Sanki, S. Sarangi, and S. Banerjee (2015), “Modelling, verification, and calibration of a photoacoustics based continuous non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system,” Rev. Sci. Instrum., vol. 86, p. 064901,


  1. Pradyut Kumar Sanki (2015), “VLSI Implementation of Embedded Back-end for Photo-acoustic Based Continuous Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitoring System,” IEEE Conference SPIN 2015, Delhi.
  2. Satyabrata Sarangi (2014), Praful P. Pai, Pradyut Kumar Sanki and Swapna Banerjee, “Comparative Analysis of Golay Code based Excitation and Coherent Averaging for Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring System,” IEEE Conference CBMS 2014, Newyork.
  3. Pradyut Kumar Sanki (2014), “High Speed Coherent Averaging Architecture Implementation with Efficient Memory Utilization for Portable Noninvasive Blood Glucose Measurement System,” OSA Conference IONS-ASIA 6 Kharagpur 2014, IIT Kharagpur.
  4. Praful P. Pai, Pradyut Kumar Sanki and Swapna Banerjee (2015), “A Photoacoustics based Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring System,” IEEE International Symposium on MeMeA 2015, Italy.
  5. Pradyut Kumar Sanki (2015), “An FPGA Based Embedded System for Real time Data Processing,” Spinger Conference IC3T-2015, Hyderabad.
  6. Praful P. Pai, Pradyut Kumar Sanki, Arijit De and Swapna Banerjee (2015), “NIR Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Non-Invasive Glucose Measurement,” 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 2015, Milano, Italy.
  7. Praful P. Pai, Pradyut Kumar Sanki, Swapna Banerjee (2016), “Continuous Non Invasive Glucose Monitoring for Diabetes Care using Embedded Hardware and Cloud Computing,” 29th International Conference on VLSI Design 2016, Kolkata, India.