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Dr. Keerti Jain

Faculty, Dr. Keerti Jain - NIIT University


Assistant Professor




PhD (Statistics), M.Sc (Statistics), M.A (Mathematics)

Courses Taught

Quantitative Techniques, Operations Research, Research Methodology, Engineering Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Calculus.

Teaching Field:

Statistics, Mathematics, Operation Research, Research Methodology


13 years of teaching experience

Research Areas:

Design of Experiments, Data Analytics, Applied Statistics, Mathematical Modelling

Research Focus:

Predictive Analytics, Design of Experiments, Data Analytics

Consulting Area:

Data Analytics using R, SPSS

Other Interests:

Watching Movies, Internet Surfing, Reading Books



Information of Research Publications

Research Publication Details (From 2011 to 2016):

  1. Vineeta Singh, Keerti Jain; Some Constructions of Balanced Incomplete Block Design with Nested Rows and Columns; Journal of Reliability and Statistical Studies; ISSN Print: 0974-0824; ISSN Online: 2229-5666, Vol. 5, Issue 1, 2012, page no. 07-16. (International, UGC approved, Thomson Reuters, Ulrich's, Peer reviewed).
  2. Keerti Jain, Vineeta Singh; The Six Sigma Management: Customer and Organisation Delight; Humanities &Social sciences: Interdisciplinary Approach; ISSN: 0975-7090, Vol. 03, Issue: 02, Dec2011, Page no.125-129. (International, Ulrich's Global Series Directory, Peer Reviewed).
  3. Keerti Jain, Vineeta Singh; A study on sleep habit of college students; Journal of Scientific & Technological Research; ISSN: 2231-4709, Vol.02, Issue 01, March 2012, Page no.09-13. (International, Ulrich's Global Series Directory, Peer Reviewed).
  4. Keerti Jain, Vineeta Singh; Health Tourism in India: The Saga of Fun, Frolic and Fitness; Journal of Scientific & Technological Research; ISSN: 2231-4709, Vol 03, Issue 01, March 2013, page no. 1-6. (International, Ulrich's Global Series Directory, Peer Reviewed).
  5. Keerti Jain, Vineeta Singh; The Cloud Computing: Promising Trend in Information Technology; Journal of Scientific & Technological Research; ISSN: 2231-4709; Vol. 03, Issue 02, September 2013; Page No. 62-67. (International, Ulrich's Global Series Directory, Peer Reviewed).
  6. Keerti Jain, Vineeta Singh; A New method of construction of a series of nested BIBD, Journal of Combinatorics, Information & System Science; ISSN: 0250-9628, ISSN (Online): 0976-3473, Vol. 39, Page No. 1-4 Comb. (January - December 2014). (UGC Approved, EBSCO, ProQuest, Mathematical Review)
  7. Keerti Jain, Smita Sood; Maximum zero method to find Initial Basic Feasible solution for Transportation problem; International Journal of Applied Engineering Research; ISSN: 27547-27555, Vol. 10, Issue 35, 2015, page no. 27542-27546.(International, UGC Approved, SCOPUS Indexed)
  8. Smita Sood, Keerti Jain; The Maximum difference method to find initial basic feasible solution for Transportation Problem; Asian Journal of Management Sciences; ISSN: 2348-0351, Vol. 03, Issue 07, 2015: page no. 08-11. (Cite Factor, SJIF Indexed, Peer-Reviewed)
  9. Priyanka Sharma, Keerti Jain, Vineeta Singh; Statistical Comparison of Antimicrobial activity of 1,5-benzothiazepines Derivatives, International Journal of Chemical Sciences & Applications; ISSN 0976-2590, Online ISSN 2278 – 6015, Vol. 06, Issue 01, 2015, page no. 29-36.(International, Thomson Reuters)
  10. Keerti Jain, Vineeta Singh and Vishal Jain; Relevance of Factorial Experiment in Supply Chain Mangement, International Journal of Sales & Marketing Management, Research and Development, ISSN (Print): 2249-6939, ISSN (Online): 2249-8044, Vol. 05, Issue 03, 2015, page no. 25-32. (International, Impact Factor(JCC) : 6.8673, Index Copernicus Value(ICV) : 61.33, NAAS Rating : 3.37)
  11. Smita Sood, Keerti Jain; Social Impact of Self Help Groups on Rural Women of Northern India: A Statistical Study, International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (IJHSS) ISSN(P): 2319-393X; ISSN(E): 2319-3948 Vol. 5, Issue 3, Apr - May 2016; page no. 115-122.(International, Index Copernicus, DRJI)
  12. Smita Sood, Keerti Jain, Comparative Analysis of Techniques for Forecasting Tourists', Arrival, Journal of Tourism & Hospitality, ISSN: 2167-0269 Vol.06 Issue 03: 285. doi: 10.4172/2167- 0269.1000285. 2017, Page No. 1-4 (International, Peer Reviewed, Index Copernicus, DRJI).
  13. Keerti Jain, Satyendra P. Singh, Risk-Return Analysis of Stocks of Nifty50 Companies, Management Effigy, ISSN: 2249-1643, Vol IX, Issue I, January –June 2018; page no. 01-14. (Indexed with J-Gate).

Book Chapters

  1. Vineeta Singh, Keerti Jain; Some New Methods of Construction of Nested Balanced Incomplete Block Designs; Advances in Statistics and Optimization; Copyright © 2013, Department of Statistics and Operation Research, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh; R.J.Enterprises, NewDelhi; ; IBSN 978-81-924874-0-3; Edited Volume, page no. 127-139.
  2. Jain K., Sharma P., Jayalakshmi M. (2018), A Comparative Study of Consumption Behavior of Pharmaceutical Drugs. Data Science and Analytics. Communications in Computer and Information Science, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd, 08 March 2018, B.Pande et.al (Eds) DOI https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-10-8527-7_3, Print ISBN978-981-10-8526-0, Online ISBN978-981-10-8527-7, vol 799. page no. 27-33


Dr. Keerti Jain is presently working as Assistant Professor at NIIT University. Before joining NU, she worked as Associate Professor and Faculty-in-charge (Mathematics) in the Department of Basic and Applied Sciences, School of Engineering, GD Goenka University. Dr. Jain was also member of Board of Studies, member of Department Research Committee and member of Scholar Research Committee at GD Goenka University.

She has obtained her Ph.D degree in Statistics from Institute of Social Sciences, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra. She has completed her M.Sc. in Statistics and M.A in Mathematics from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra. Her area of specialization is Design of Experiments. During her Ph.D she has proposed new methods of construction of nested balanced incomplete block designs and balanced incomplete block design with nested rows and columns. Her areas of interest are Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Big Data Analysis, Operation Research and application of Design of Experiment tools in various fields of Engineering and Management. She has a good knowledge of many statistical software like SAS, SPSS, and R-programming.

She has more than thirteen years of teaching and research experience. Dr. Jain has been published several research papers in national and international journals. She has presented several research papers in various national and international conferences. Also, she has been invited as resource person to deliver lectures on various topics of statistics like hypothesis testing, design of experiment, advanced analytics at renowned universities like Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. During her services, she has been awarded by "Best Faculty Award 2009" at Delhi Business School, New Delhi and "Faculty Excellence Award 2012" at Echelon Institute of Technology, Faridabad.