Dr. Chandan Medatwal

Faculty, Dr. Chandan Medatwal - NIIT University


Assistant Professor




PhD, MBA- HR, MCOM- Business Administration, MSC-Yoga and Science of Living, BSC- Mathematics, NET- Management, CBSE NET- Commerce

Teaching Field:

Organisation Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Personnel Management and Administration, Talent Management and Industrial Relations


9 Years

Research Areas:

OB HR, Empowerment, Knowledge Management, Employability Skills

Research Focus:

Psychological Ownership, Empowerment

Consulting Area:


Other Interests:

Reading, Writing Poetries (1 Book- the SAGA), Music, Travelling, Yoga and Spirituality



Information of Research Publications


Research Publication Details (From 2009 to 2018):


  1. 2019

    Authored a Book- Reinventing Human Resources Management: Global Dimensions (Edited second Volume - 2019), Akhand Publishing House, New Delhi, India. (ISBN- 978 – 81-939342-0-3)
  2. 2018

    Authored a Book- Emerging Issues in Human Resources Management: Perspectives and Avenues (Edited First Volume - 2017), Adhyayan Publishers and Distributers, New Delhi, India. (ISBN- 978 – 81-8435-581-9)
  3. Book Chapters
    Book Chapter -
    Medatwal, C. et.al (2018). 'Śrīmad Bhagavad Gītā and knowledge Management with special focus on Jñāna (Gyan) Yoga in Managing by Bhagwad Gita, Springer, (ISBN – 978-3-319-99610-3)
  4. 2017
    A research paper on - Integration of Online Social Networking Technology Web 2.0 and HR Function: A critical review, in International journal of control theory and applications, SCOPUS indexed journal by International science press. (2017), volume 10, No. 4, page- 175- 182, ISSN- 09745572 (UGC Listed- 09745572) http://serialsjournals.com/serialjournalmanager/pdf/1499508785.pdf
    Book Chapter - Medatwal, C. et.al (2017a). 'Employee Engagement as a retention strategy for Diverse Workforce: A study from Rajasthan' in Emerging Issues in HRM: Perspectives and Avenues' (Edited Book), Adhyayan Publishers, New Delhi, India, pp.168 - 179 (ISBN – 978-81-8435-581-9)
    Book Chapter - Medatwal, C., Gupta R. A. (2017b). 'Understanding Psychological Ownership: A Conceptual Framework', in Emerging Issues in HRM: Perspectives and Avenues' (Edited Book), Adhyayan Publishers, New Delhi, India, pp.182 - 187 (ISBN – 978-81-8435-581-9)
  5. 2016
    Book Chapter -
    Medatwal, C. (2016b). 'An Intervention to attract and retain Quality HR in Hospitality industry' in the Edited Book, Hospitality and Tourism, Adhyayan Publishers, New Delhi, India, pp.21 – 31 (ISBN – 978-818435-490-4)
    Book Chapter - Medatwal, C. (2016a). Enhancing Sophistication through E-Learning: Study of Students perspectives in Rajasthan, (Etd Book), Social Media for Business, Indian Institute of management, Raipur, 27 – 36 (ISBN – 978-93-85777-40-0)
  6. 2015
    Research Paper -
    Medatwal, C. (2015b). Women Empowerment Evaluation in Rajasthan: Presenting the Four Constituent Framework, Proceedings of The Second Pan-IIM World Management Conference 2014 pp.1-9 © Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode, by Emerald Publishers.
    Research paper - Medatwal, C. (2015a). Evaluating Efficacy of Womens' Empowerment Programmes: An Empirical Study of Participants Perspectives in Rajasthan, International Journal of Gender Studies in Developing Societies, Inderscience publishers, United Kingdom (UK), 1(1), 49-62 Online ISSN: 2052-0360, Print ISSN: 2052-0352, https://www.inderscienceonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1504/IJGSDS.2015.067924
    Book Review - in Indian Journal of Training and Development April, 2015
  7. 2014
    Research paper -
    Medatwal, C. (2014). Inclusive economic growth through economic empowerment of women in Rajasthan, Interdisciplinary journal of Management and Behavioural sciences, 3(1), 42-58, ISSN 2278-1285
    Research paper -Medatwal, C. (2014). Research Ethics: A Quest, SEMCOM management and Technological Review, 1(2), 107-113 (ISSN-2321-5968) (UGC Listed- 45303)
    Research Paper - Medatwal, C. (2014). 'Repatriation Management: An Overview' Pacific Business Review International, 6(9), 26-30 (ISSN: 0974-438X) (Thompson Reuters and UGC Listed - 36785)
    Book Chapter - Medatwal, C. (2014). Innovative practices in Quality Education: A remark with Virtual Brainstorming, Quality Footprints (Etd Book), SEMCOM, Anand, 146 – 152 (ISBN – 978-9381286-27-2)
  8. 2013
    Book Chapter -
    Medatwal, C. (2013h). Retaining Talent in Retail Sector: A Study from City Kota. Reinventing issues in Business management & Research, Bharti publications, Delhi (India), 289-297, ISBN- 978-93-81212-49-3
    Book Chapter - Medatwal, C. (2013d). Womens' Empowerment and Sustainable Development in Rajasthan: SWOT Analysis in Contemporary issues. Finance and Business management, Bharti Publications, pp. 515- 524 (ISBN 978-93-81212-39-4)
    Research Paper - Medatwal, C. (2013b). Womens; Empowerment and CSR: Dimensions and Medatwal Model, in Business Sciences International Research Journal, 1(2), ISSN 23213191, pp. 441-443
    Research paper - Medatwal, C. (2013e). Understanding Empowerment in Indian Context: Processes & Evaluation, Review of HRM, 2(1), pp. 187-197 (ISSN: 2249-4650) (UGC Listed- 42914)
    Research Paper - Medatwal, C. (2013f). Women Empowerment in NRHM: A Case Study of ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist), Shodh, SamikshaaurMulyankan, 3(32), pp. 12-13 (ISSN- 0974-2832), (UGC Listed- 41004)
    Research Paper - Medatwal, C. (2013a). Responsibility Accounting: Conceptual Framework for Effective Control System, Nirnay- The Journal of Decision Science, 5(1), pp.12-15,(ISSN – 0973-8002), Review Article- Medatwal, C. (2013c). Womens' Empowerment Programmes: A Review of Literature. Researchers World – Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce, 4(1), pp. 139-147 (Print ISSN: 2231-4172) (UGC Listed- 10509)
    Research paper - Medatwal, C. (2013). 'Role of Microfinance in Womens' Empowerment: A Study of selected experiments from Rajasthan', Pacific Business Review International, 5(7), pp- 22- 31, (ISSN: 0974-438X) (Thompson Reuters and UGC Listed - 36785).

Dr. Chandan earned her MBA from Banasthali University and PhD from University of Kota, Rajasthan in Human Resource Management. She received Bachelors of Science from University of Kota, Rajasthan. Dr. Chandan has been associated with academics since 2008 with Government and renowned private organizations viz., IILM Academy of Higher Learning, GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research, Greater NOIDA, UP, Poornima University, Jaipur and University of Kota. Her research is focused upon emerging issues in Management, Empowerment, Knowledge Management, Ethics and Social Issues. She has presented research papers in reputed International and National conferences and contributed research papers to journals of international and national repute. She has 22 publications in peer reviewed national and international journals and three books to her credit. She has organized symposiums, MDPs, academic and cultural events. She is a World Record holder by Golden Book of World Records for Yoga and has been awarded by Government of Rajasthan at State and District level for her contribution in Literature, Culture and Social Services. She has also been awarded at National Level as a – 'Young Educator and Scholar Award' by National Federation of Entrepreneurship development (NFED) at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu on International Women Day, March 8, 2018 for Academics and research.