Dr. Deepika Prakash

Faculty, Dr. Deepika Prakash - NIIT University


Assistant Professor


Computer Science and Engineering


M.Tech (IIIT Bangalore), Ph.D (Delhi Technological University)

Teaching Field:

Database Management System, Data Warehousing and Data Mining; Object Oriented Programming; Software Engineering


Over 6 years (including Industrial R&D and Teaching)

Research Areas:

Data Engineering, Data Warehouse Systems, Requirements Engineering, Data Warehouse systems, NoSQL Databases, Health informatics



Information of Research Publications



Research Publication Details (From 2011 to 2016):

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After 2016
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Before 2011
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Dr. Deepika Prakash obtained her Ph.D. from Delhi Technological University, Delhi in the area of Data Warehouse Requirements Engineering. She has over 6 years of experience, which includes two years of experience in industrial R&D, building data marts for purchase, sales and inventory and in data mart integration. Her responsibilities in industry spanned the complete life cycle, from requirements engineering through conceptual modeling to extract-transform-load (ETL) activities. She was also an Assistant Professor at the Department of Big Data Analytics, Central University of Rajasthan, Rajasthan. As a researcher, she has authored a number of papers in international journals/conferences. She has co-authored a book entitled “Data Warehouse Requirements Engineering - A Decision Based Approach” published by Springer in 2018. She is on the program committee of international conferences like ENASE. She has delivered invited lectures at a number of Institutes like IIIT Delhi, NSIT Delhi, MRCE and BPIT. Her current research interests include Data Warehouse systems, NoSQL databases and Health Informatics.