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Technology as the Cornerstone of Academic, Research and Campus Life

Technology Infrastructure

In consonance with our core principle ‘Technology-based’, NU uses the best of the digital tools, techniques and practices to increase effectiveness of the teaching-learning process, research and campus living. This helps students in gaining higher levels of knowledge and expertise in the time spent at the University. Usage of these digital tools is also expected to inculcate the habit of self-initiated learning among the students. By integrating technology in the design and delivery of content, creating a collaborative learning environment and using cutting edge assessment tools, we intend to create a personalised learning environment for our students.

IT Infra @ NU

  • Full Campus is under Wi-Fi coverage
  • Gigabit LAN
  • All Buildings are connected through Fiber backbone.
  • Automated and Paper-less Check-in Check-out from Campus for students.
  • Five Windows based Lab with more than 250 Computers.
  • One Dual boot Lab with 30 Computers.
  • Specialized GIS Lab for M.Tech GIS with GIS software loaded.
  • Engineering Drawing Lab with 30 Drawing boards, and Auto cad Licenses.
  • Educational Technology Innovation Center with 20 Computers.
  • Facility to conduct the on-line exam for students. Exams can be conducted in form of Quizzes, Assignments, Descriptive using specialized software application.
  • On-line exams can be conducted for the students, who are on off-campus due to internship.
  • 24*7 online engagement with Faculty.
  • Facility to conduct classes through Synchronous Learning Technique (SLT) for students who may be at different locations during internship.
  • Fully functional Audio/Video Studio on the Campus for recording of lectures.
  • Learning Management system hosted on Campus.
  • Email server, and all the necessary services needed for LAN are hosted on campus.

Learning Management System

NU has a full-featured online learning portal, where students can access digital content uploaded by faculty, submit online assignments, and take online quizzes. We constantly increase the content available to students via the portal, including some selected lecture recordings.

WiFi-based Campus

The entire campus is connected by Wi-Fi intranet, including academic blocks, hostels and a significant part of open space. Students communicate among each other and with faculty members using the email or collaboration facilities via our online learning portal. Students can access the internet via NU Wi-Fi from their laptops as well as mobile phones.

Academic ERP

NU has implemented an academic ERP to process complete student management data from admissions to graduation. All types of uses including Management, Office staff, Faculty members, students and parents have access to ERP using the authenticated login and access functions/features as per their role.

Parents of NU students can login to parent portal and get access to academic performance and attendance data for their wards.

Major functionality in ERP includes following modules:

  • Admissions: Complete admission process for applicants is online, including Application submission, Online fees payment, Appointment for interview and final selection.
  • Registrations: Defining courses in each semester/term and their allocated faculty and registration of students in courses in each semester.
  • Timetable management: Timetable generation by the system based on defined course allocation, faculty availability and room availability. Timetable can be modified manually and then is made available to all users on their ERRP logins.
  • Student fees: Students and parents can pay fees online or at the cashier. It handles various rules related to scholarships, penalties etc.
  • Attendance: Faculty can mark attendance for their classes online as per the timetable as well as for any additional classes conducted by them.
  • Examinations: Faculty defines their course evaluation structure, enter marks for each test/assignment/quiz/exam and calculate final grades as per defined weightage. Final mark sheets and CGPA is calculated by system.
  • Hostel management: Students can book their rooms and hostel wardens can maintain the room availability online.
  • Library management: Issue and return of books is maintained in this system. It is integrated with online fees management, so that any penalties can be processed centrally.