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Campus Updates

Prof. Lehmann Visits NIIT University

Jean Peirre Lehmann, a renowned professor of International Political Economy and a Visiting Professor at NIIT University was in the campus recently. Lehmann, who is an Emeritus Professor and the Founding Director of the Evian group at Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland made his third visit to NU.

During his second biannual visit which spanned over a fortnight, Prof. Lehmann interacted with NU students drawn from various disciplines. In the first week, Prof. Lehamann engaged the NU-MBA students through a series of lectures focusing on global trends in the international political economy. Major Developments such as the rise of Asian economies and their outlook, emergence of china as a global supply chain hub, the decline of Japan, emergence of Africa as a new frontier and pressing issues such as poverty and inequality in the developing world, the perils of protectionism etc were discussed in depth. It was heartening to see students participating in these discussions with great vigour and often engaging in passionate debates with the professor and with one another

In the second half of the visit, Prof. Lehmann, engaged students from all disciplines through a series of talks on Global trends (Politics, economy, society and technology), developments in the European political economy, India-China relations and recent developments in the middle-east. The audience was a potpourri of highly motivated students from B.Tech, MBA, M.Tech GIS, PhD and also a few faculty members with great commitment for learning. Each talk ended up as an eclectic debate with expert opinion of the speaker and diverse perspectives form a highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic audience pouring in. The daily intellectual feast reached its zenith when the speaker invited a young NU-MBA student, Naveed Alam Kabir to share his expertise on the Israel-Palestine conflict through a presentation on the penultimate day of his visit. Both the speaker and the audience were enthralled by a deeply insightful presentation and the intellectually stimulating debate that ensued. While it left the audience mesmerized, the speaker was excited at the keenness and curiosity levels of the students and he heaped praise on the presenter as he thanked him profoundly. He happily declared that he would be sharing that presentation with his Palestinian network!

On the last day of his visit, Prof. Lehmann held a discussion with few of the faculty members on global demographic trends. He shared his valuable insights on the future implications of the change in global demographics followed by comments by the faculty.

Prof. Lehmann also anchored the launch of NU-Asia Lens at India International Centre, New Delhi, by way of discussion in front of a wonderful audience which was a mixture of youth and experience. The participants were luminaries from the fields of Business, Education, Arts, Journalism and Diplomacy. The event was a grand success. Prof. Lehman shot a video on NIIT University as a part (case) of his project at the Evian Group entitled “The New Realites”, started some 18 months ago.

An exhilarating and a great learning experience ended on an optimistic note with prof. Lehmann expressing his wish to take forward these discussions through bi-monthly sessions online, till his next visit in November!