Campus Updates

NU awarded the first Ph.D to Bhushan Talwar who successfully defended his Ph.D thesis titled ‘Designing an Integrated Framework for Global E-tutoring Solution’ on 3rd March 2017.

His research work is a breakthrough in the field of e-tutoring. It witnesses the shift from ‘management of learning by constraints’ to ‘management of learning by opportunities’. The research work involves identification of drivers for enhancing the teaching-learning experience by putting emphasis on developing Executive Function Processes, outlining the New Teaching Learning Interplay, focusing on Adaptive Remediation Solutions and driving the Feed-backward Instructional Design model to shift focus from guided learning to learner-lead-taking value creating active learning and information originating experiential learning. The effectiveness of the model has been analysed and validated by its application to 411 learners. The results demonstrate 21% improvement in the Active Participation, Attribution, Engagement, and Immediacy Behaviour in the classroom through the research defined Student Pass Rate.