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Campus Events
NU Event- The Nanoelectronics Premier League

NU Events nanoelectronics 2017

The Nanoelectronics Premier League – 2017

The Grand Finale of the Nanoelectronics Premier League was held on 29th April 2017 in the Auditorium.

Team 14 working on their challenge question - Can Nanobots be used for interconnecting Nano-Computers with Human Mind? and Team 20 with their challenge question - Can nanotubes be used in place of copper cables for reducing transmission line losses as they have lower resistance in comparison with copper cables?were pitted against each other and gave brilliant performances.

Team 20 was lead by Rahul Poddar who gave an amazing performance with crisp and confident responses to a rapid fire round of questions. Their Buddy Mentor and Learning Mentor were Shiv Bajpai and Prof. Amritesh Kumar respectively. Team 14 was ably lead by Siddharth Bisht who floored the house with his brilliant pitch on Nanobots. Their Buddy Mentor and Learning Mentor were Shivam Shandil and Prof. Meera Datta respectively. At the end of a keenly fought match Team 14 won the first Nanoelectronics Premier League by razor-thin margin. Congratulations to Siddharth Bisht and team!

Team 20 – Presenting: Eagala Hari Venkata Durga Prasad, Eluri Sriram, Raghav Gupta, Rahul Ghosh, Rahul Poddar, Rajat Srivastava, Vibhor Gupta, Yash Agrawal, Yogesh Sharma, Pooja, Sreemoyee Nag

Team 14 – Presenting: C Rohith, Chandanala Siva Naga Praveen, Moksh Gupta, Mukul Sachdeva, Nagabhyru Bhuvanesh Chowdary, Shreyash Tiwari, Siddharth Bisht, Simran Nitin Wasnik, Shantanu Bahuguna, Suraj Kande

The Winning Team – Team 14

The Winning Team with Buddy Mentors

Prof. Mandke addressing the students

The Trophies on Display

The Crowd Cheering the Contesting Teams

About Nanoelectronics Premier League

NU is continuously engaged in innovations in teaching-learning methodologies. 1st year engineering students to Ph. D research scholars are exploring and discovering new ways to make learning not only exciting but also valid for the future.

Future technologies are evolving continuously and causing disruption in all spheres of human life. The shelf-life of curricula is decreasing rapidly. Hence new ways of devising learning to handle future technologies becomes imperative.

Why Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is one of the many disrupting technologies. Demanding inter-disciplinary knowledge of foundational subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics, Materials Science, it is changing the way we do things be it healthcare, automation, food production or pharmaceuticals.

So we asked ourselves – “What does it take to introduce Nanotechnology which is normally taught at the Masters and Doctoral levels in the 1st year of engineering?” The premise being that doing so should make students future ready. And thus began the challenge led by NU’s mentor professor, Dr. Vijay Mandke.

Our third year engineering students doing their Learning Technologies Project course and doctoral students began to work together to conceive a unique first of its kind teaching-learning experiment that brought nanotechnology into classrooms of 1st year B.Tech in a project mode.

So what is Nanoelectronics Premier League?

Conceived by Prof. Mandke in NU’s Educational Technology Innovation Lab (ETIC) and driven by Jharna, Nirali and Rajat doing their Learning Technologies Project, 220 students from 1st Year ECE, CSE and BT streams undertaking different courses – Physics, Chemistry, Electronics – will be working together on industry-relevant nanoelectronics projects such as Nanotubes for bullet-proof jackets, nanosensors for smart homes, etc. which will ensure that by the time they are in their final year, they are already ready for the industry and research of nanotechnology and nanoelectronics. Each member in the team of 11 will perform carefully delineated roles such as Research, Industry Connect, Employability assessment, Identification of Customer benefit and Value Stream, Digital Publishing, Project Management, etc. based on their interests.

To assess the projects, the Premier League format was used in contrast to the normal presentation/demo formats. Named the ‘Nano-Electronics Premier League - 2017, the 220 students divide themselves into teams of 11 along the lines of cricket premier leagues.

The league sawthe 20 teams contesting. The teams were mentored by Jharna & team who call themselves Buddy mentors and 4 Ph.D scholars who act as Learning Mentors. Each team played against the other using timed presentations and rapid-fire quizzes with time-outs to strategize. The team that reaches the final round was declared winner of the Nanoelectronics Premier League 2017.

What are we expecting out of this research breakthrough?

To sum up, what are the key outcomes of this leap-into-the-future research breakthrough in teaching-learning methods?

  • The 220 students will produce mini research papers that will go into an ejournal, in the process gaining firsthand experience in writing and publishing research papers.
  • Buddy mentors, through their experience of managing large teams, will learn how to identify industry needs, manage teams, managing work pressures, applying theoretical knowledge to solve industry problems thus becoming expert learning technologists themselves as they identify technologies and processes for this.
  • The 220 students will also develop individual digital portfolios showcasing their research capability through the work done thus charting out their path to the world of work or research in the first year itself instead of waiting for the final year.
  • The roles performed will also give them an insight into the future paths they might want to explore based on their innate strengths.

List of Challenges and Players

*Team Leader, **Buddy Mentor, ***Learning Mentor





Can Carbon Nanotubes (CNT)be used for targeted drug delivery, for cancer therapies?

Aditi Singh*

Akshaye Khanna

Archana Sanjay Gujar

Amanpreet Singh

Faaiz Aarzoo Shaik

Gaddam Sri Sai Kumar

Kushal Muktala

Ajinkya Bedekar

Chichghare Disha Avinash

Gavinson Bashan Kharmalki

Vineel Reddy**

Satya Veer Singh***


Nanotechnology and artificial photosynthesis properties.

Cherla Pradyumna Reddy*

Eshwar Sai Chintakindi

Gourav Thapa

Gangam Rushik Reddy

Gaurav M

Gauri Sinha

Rakshith Reddy Gopidi

Katyayani Agarwal

Priya Chaudhary

Aman Garg

Ankit Gupta

Chalamala Krishna Priya**

Satya Veer Singh***


Can Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT)be used for developing Future Bullet Proof Jackets?

Jammu Prem Kumar
Naga Venkata Arun Kumar
Nallapu Charles Christopher
Gayathri Chandrasekar
Gehna Ahuja
Gnana Harsha Paruchuri
Rishabh Shah
Rishabh Gaur
Arpita Sejal*
Riddhi Modi
S Kalith Mohamed Ismail
Deepika Tripathy**
Satya Veer Singh***


Can we use Nanomagnets for computer size reduction?

Pandi Koteswara Rao
Rahul Panghal
Surya Narayana Pasumarthi*
Gottumukkala Rithish Verma
Harsha Deuri
Harshil Sachdeva
Ritik Jangir
Arshita Batra
Ashish Kumar
Sreya Chatterjee
Sumili Dey
Sai Krishna Revanth**
Satya Veer Singh***


Can we use Nanoscale Integrated circuits in future computers?

Vobbilisetty Sai Aravind
Yarlagadda Sai Koushik
Abdemanaaf Zohair Ghadiali
Hitesh Mittal
Hridaya Annuncio*
Hrithik Raj Prasad
Ronak Jain
Ronald Tony
Sabyasachi Mishra
Sachin Kumar
Biren Sharma
Mahesh Kumar**
Satya Veer Singh***


Can Nano Light Emitting Diodes (NanoLED) be used for colour changing surfaces?

Abhijit Bhupendra Singh
Abhinav Reddy Katpally
Arshiya Abdul*
Ira Mishra
Jaini Rutvik
Jatin Chandrakant Ninawe
Sahil Goyal
Saloni Jain
Samantak Mitra
Javid Akhtar
Kattekola Vaishnavi
Akash Agarwal**
Satya Veer Singh***


Light weight Electric cars for optimum utilization of battery power using Nano-materials.

Desu Lohith
R Komal
Rahul Saha
Jatin Gupta*
Jobin Joseph
Kaki Durga Srinivasa Vivek
Samir Ahmed Ghouri
Sarthak Tripathi
Shashank Kawatra
Shashwat Manish Shah
Kenneth Prabakaran
Rama Chidambaram**
Vasanta Akondy***


Can Nano sensors be used for remote health monitoring?

Adya Mahlawat
Aetukuri Srinath
Ajay Sharma G S
Kandepu Naga Ravi Teja
Karan Inder Singh
Kolli Nethre Sai
Sheena Gupta
Sheshagoni Adithya
Shivam Goel*
Manchikanti Ravi Teja
Mohit Kumar
Apoorva Garg**
Vasanta Akondy***


How Nanotechnology can be used in energy sector?

Aman Khandelwal
Animesh Singh
Anirudh Sharma*
Kushagra Chauhan
Lakshmi Narasimham Upadhyayula
Mailavarapu Moulika
Shivank Pahwa
Shivendra Singh
Shravan Sridhar
Shreya Nigam
Muskan Gupta
Aditi Dwivedi**
Vasanta Akondy***


How Nanotechnology can be used in Hydrogen battery technology?

Nair Tejas Deepak
Nikhil Singh Butola
Ankit Kumar Singh
Anshit Saxena*
Anubhav Paul
Majety Mani Midhilesh
Mamidi Lokesh Venkata Sai
Mannepalli Vishwajeet
Shreyans Milind Parab
Shreyas Harshant Sanghvi
Shruti Varghese
Ajeya Kapoor**
Vasanta Akondy***


How Nanotechnology can be used for cosmetic industry?

Nair Tejas Deepak
Nikhil Singh Butola
Ankit Kumar Singh
Anshit Saxena*
Anubhav Paul
Majety Mani Midhilesh
Mamidi Lokesh Venkata Sai
Mannepalli Vishwajeet
Shreyans Milind Parab
Shreyas Harshant Sanghvi
Shruti Varghese
Anshul Sharma**
Vasanta Akondy***


Can Nano sensors be used in SMART HOMES?

Ashish Dwivedi
Ashwin Jawahar Vontivillu
Avi Gupta
Althaf Mohammed
Mayank Mittal
Mayank Tola
Shubhra Pandey
Siddhant Amol Shah
Purandhar Chilukuru*
Rinkal Singh
Ayushi Jain**
Vasanta Akondy***


Can Nano sensors be used to build SMART INDUSTRIES?

Batchu Naga Mahitha
Bollam Sreekar Reddy
Mitul Kumar
Modepally Sree Manasa
Hradyansh Parashar
Jami Venkata Datta Kamesam
Nizampatnam Mounish
Peddamallu Yeshwanth Reddy*
Sagnik Mitra
Sarayu Kurapati
Naved Ahmad**
Meera Datta***


Can Nanobots be used for interconnecting Nano-Computers with Human Mind?

C Rohith
Chandanala Siva Naga Praveen
Moksh Gupta
Mukul Sachdeva
Nagabhyru Bhuvanesh Chowdary
Shreyash Tiwari
Siddharth Bisht*
Simran Nitin Wasnik
Shantanu Bahuguna
Suraj Kande
Shivam Shandil**
Meera Datta***


Can Nano-LEDs be used for controlled self-laminating wall paints for energy saving?

Chenna Sankalp
Chimakurthi Venkata Naga Sai Koushik
Nandini Goyal
Nandini Sinha
Neeraj Pandey
Nikhil Gahlot
Simran Singh*
Soumyadip Ghosh
Sourav Upadhya
Sherry Sharma
Rajat Sinha**
Meera Datta***


How to ensure green nanotechnology?

Chinju Mary George
Chinthalapudi Venkata Sai Vishnuvardhan
Nikhil Kumar Guthi
Oleti Bhanu Prakash
Omkar Vuddanti
Pamidimukkala Dheeraj Chandra
Sourish Das*
Sparsh Singh Gahlot
Sravan Rahul Reddy Gunupati
Shivashish Prasad
Ronak Jain**
Meera Datta***


How to achieve ultra-high definition cinema screens, displays and televisions using quantum dots?

Chirag Jain
Dantuluri Sai Gowtham Varma
Pattapu Sai Vamsi
Peguda Likhitha
Pisupati V N S S K Chaitanya*
Suragani Teja
Smit Sandip Shah
Syed Tasleem
Tavva G Nagaranga Sai Narasimha Prudhvith
V Nihal
Vallamreddy Kowshik Reddy**
Amritesh Kumar***


Can nanomembranes be used for flexible, bendable, rollable and stretchable electronics?

Deepak Atreja
Deeptonabho Dutta
Pothana Nikhil
Potlacheruvu Sai Krishna Vamsi*
Pradeep Yadav
Prakriti Pritmani
Subhadip Ghosh
Varuni Agarwal
Vemulapalli Rishika Chowdary
Venkat Ramana Appanaboina**
Amritesh Kumar***


Can nanoparticle copper suspensions replace lead based hazardous materials normally used in electronic assembly processes?

Vintha Sai Vamsi Krishna Reddy
Devansh Anhal
Dhruva Agarwal*
Praneeth Sai Madireddi
Preetham Reddy Neelapu
Preetham Venkata Paritala
Purvi Madhusudhan
Vishwas Saini
Vonteddu Jashwanth Reddy
Yarramraju Janaki Rama Raju
Yash Rastogi
Vaibhav Vijay Singh**
Amritesh Kumar***


Can nanotubes be used in place of copper cables for reducing transmission line losses as they have lower resistance in comparison with copper cables. Can carbon nanotube wires be used in high frequency transformers and inductors?

Eagala Hari Venkata Durga Prasad
Eluri Sriram
Raghav Gupta
Rahul Ghosh
Rahul Poddar*
Rajat Srivastava
Vibhor Gupta
Yash Agrawal
Yogesh Sharma
Sreemoyee Nag
Shiv Bajpai**
Amritesh Kumar***