PGD (Banking & Finance)
with Bank of Maharashtra

Post Graduate Diploma (Banking & Finance) Admissions

Post Graduate Diploma (Banking & Finance) is an industry sponsored programme launched in collaboration with Bank of Maharashtra. This programme has been specially developed for the Bank’s PO candidates with a strong focus on banking and finance. The one-year programme is divided into 4 terms, each term being equal to approximately 12 weeks.

Admission Process

The Admissions are jointly conducted with Bank of Maharashtra. Please check the bank website.


The academic criteria are laid down by the University. Bank of Maharashtra defines its criteria over and above the academic criteria laid by NU.


The fee is sponsored by Bank of Maharashtra for eligible candidates. Please contact the bank for details.

Important Dates

Admission dates are jointly decided by the University and Bank of Maharashtra. Please contact the bank for important dates.

Forms & Information Brochure

Applications from candidates will be sent by Bank of Maharashtra to NIIT University.