Industry Sponsored Programmes Admissions

Industry Sponsored Programmes - Admissions

NU offers academic programmes in all disciplines that are closely aligned with the needs of the industry.

The Industry Sponsored Programmes are unique examples of how academia and industry can work together to create the best-in-class academic innovations. The programmes are characterized by several unique courses and programme elements that go beyond the conventional norm and bring them closer to the actual requirements of the industry. The overriding purpose is to equip learners with the concepts, skills, attitudes, and values required.

The academic programmes have been well-accepted both by academia as well as by industry, and have created a reputation for academic robustness. The unmatched diversity of academic experience and work related experience that they bring to the classroom is a major enhancer of the overall teaching-learning process at NU. Over 650 students have already graduated during a short span of 5 years from the Industry Sponsored MBA programmes. These programmes are being extended to M.Tech and Ph.D as well.