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What is unique about our B Tech Admission Process?

At NU, it is important for us to find the right students and we also believe that it is important for the students to find the right institution. We believe that the parent/guardian forms the crucial third pillar without whom the process of selection would remain incomplete. Hence we have devised, what we believe is, an apt B Tech admission process that gives an opportunity for the students as well as their parents/guardians to engage with us.

The process of B Tech admission is called Personal Counseling Interaction or PCI for short. The PCI consists of three parts. During the first part, the student will fill in a questionnaire stating among other things his/her aspirations and reasons for choosing engineering as a career option. This questionnaire is studied by a panel consisting of faculty at NU. During the second part, the student will interact with the faculty panel. The panel and the student will engage in an in-depth conversation to understand each other’s motivations and goals. The panel will also try to gauge independently the level of understanding the student has over academic topics of his/her choice in order to shortlist the right candidate for the B Tech Admission process. This we believe is important as scores are more an indicator of good exam giving skills. The third part consists of an interaction with the parents/guardians who are given an opportunity to share their aspirations for their ward so that NU and the parents/guardians come to a common understanding of NU’s principles and pedagogy defined for B Tech admission. The panel will also try to assess the following during PCI.

  1. English communication skills – written & oral
  2. Interest & hobbies
  3. Degree of self-awareness
  4. Out-of-the-box thinking
  5. Reason for the choice of stream

NU also believes that due weightage and recognition should be given to the academic learning the student has undergone even before taking up B Tech admission. Hence multiple components of academics including 10th class performance, 12th class performance and performance in a recognized engineering entrance tests are considered. In case the student has decided not to appear in an engineering entrance test, s/he has to undertake the NIIT UNIVERSITY ENGINEERING TEST (NUET).

  • It is a mandatory test for every candidate who has not appeared in JEE-Main or BITSAT or SAT or Any State Engineering Entrance Examination
  • This is an objective type online computer based test.
  • The test duration is 60 minutes.
  • The candidate has to choose Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics for CSE & ECE
  • The candidate has to choose Physics, Chemistry & Biology or Mathematics for BT

Other Details:


Total No. of Questions

Time Limit (Min)













Applying for NIIT B Tech Admissions

NU offers admission to its B Tech programme via two modes:

  1. Early Admission Mode
  2. Regular Admission Mode


NU offers early B Tech admissions to students appearing for their Class XII Board Examinations in March-April 2017 as also to those who have taken their Class XII Board examination not earlier than March 2015. The EAD process is particularly suitable for those who are clear about pursuing engineering studies or/and multidisciplinary curriculum leading to post-graduate research career or those willing to set up their own start-up ventures after graduation. This is also beneficial to NU to spread out its admission process since it gives more time for in-depth interaction with the applicants which is a vital part of NU selection process.

The applicants seeking admission in this mode can also apply for scholarship under the NU Scholar Search Programme. There are limited seats for which B Tech admission is being granted under the Early Admission Mode. The admission will be granted on a first come first served basis to only those applicants who meet all the admission criteria as defined for B Tech admission.


  • Early Admissions ensure that the student can be stress free and can focus on exceling in their Class XII Board examinations.
  • NU supports the selected Early Admissions students for their Class XII exams through the ‘Study Smart Initiative’.
  • Students benefitting from the early B Tech Admissions students also get access to the NU ‘Resonance’, which enables them to get an early start into the B Tech Programme.
  • Opportunity to attend Camp Future is a two day getaway at NU campus, designed to give future students along with their parents a glimpse of the NU life as guests of NIIT University.
  • Students who have scored ≥75% marks in class X exams are only eligible for scholarships under the NU Scholar Search Programme applicable for the B Tech Admissions.
  • EAD students get benefits of reduced enrolment fee while joining NU.


The application forms for the EAD mode will be available from Sep 25, 2016, onwards.

The last date to submit applications is –

  1. EAD-Round 1 - January 31, 2017
  2. EAD-Round 2 – April 5, 2017


NU offers admission into its prestigious B Tech Programme under Regular Admission Mode (RAD) for eligible applicants who are appearing in Class XII Board Examinations in March/April 2017 or have successfully completed Class XII in March 2015 or 2016.

The applicants seeking admission in this mode can also apply for scholarship under the NU Scholar Search Programme.

There are limited seats for which B Tech admission is being granted under the Regular Application Mode. The admission will be granted on a first come first served basis to only those applicants who meet the defined B Tech admission criteria.


The application form for the RAD MODE will be available from April 6, 2017 onwards.

  1. RAD-Round 1-April 6,2017
  2. RAD-Round 1 –June 12,2017

The Lateral B Tech Admission

  • The following are the guidelines for lateral admission to the 2nd year for those who have completed B Tech 1st Year from another institution.
  • NU will accept lateral entry candidates to the B Tech Programme at the end of first semester of first year or at the end of first year and not later.
  • Applicants are required to submit:
    • Mark sheets and/or Grade sheets of the first semester or the first two semesters as applicable. Copy of syllabus certified by college/university.
    • Reasons for seeking lateral entry
    • B. Tech Application Form via online or offline mode
  • The above information related to B Tech Admissions will be examined by a competent body constituted for the purpose. If the applicant if found to be eligible for lateral admission, s/he will need to appear for PCI.

There is no automatic waiver of credits accumulated at the candidate’s institution. The final credit waiver will be arrived at after examining the commonality in course content of NU and the applicant’s institution.

Glossary of Admission Terms

You can refer to this section to know what exactly we mean when some terms are used in the B Tech Admissions pages.



Acceptance Form

Document submitted by the candidate confirming his/her acceptance of admission offered by NU.

Acceptance and Admission Processing Fee

Fee paid to secure admission at NU by applicants who have been offered admission.

Application Form

Form that an applicant needs to fill for seeking admission to NU. This can be downloaded from the website or obtained from the Admission offices and other notified locations.

Application Processing Fee

Fee paid at the time of submitting the Application Form.

Admission Offer Letter


Letter sent to applicants containing formal offer of admission. Only those candidates who have fulfilled all application requirements successfully completed the Personal Counseling Interaction (PCI) and have been selected for admission will receive the letter. The letter also contains the terms and conditions of admission.

Annual Payment Plan (APP)

Annual Payment Plan (APP) is the fee payment option in which the candidate can pay fees on a yearly basis. The first year’s fee is payable in advance, at the time of enrolment. The subsequent year’s fee is payable in advance by July 15, every year.


A person who applies for admission at NU by submitting an admission application form.


An applicant who has been offered admission at NU.

Central Admissions Office

The department of NU responsible for assisting prospective applicants through the admission process.

Designated Officials

Authorised personnel of the University who have been charged with the responsibility of conducting admissions.

Early Admission Mode (EAD)

NU’s initiative to facilitate admission of bright applicants with brilliant academic or extra-curricular record, into a programme of their choice. The applicants are chosen for the admission process on the basis of their performance in Class X & evidence of achievements, NUET (NIIT University Engineering Test) and Personal Counselling Interaction (PCI). Successful candidates are offered provisional admission subjected to their acceptable performance in Class XII.

Eligibility Criteria

The necessary qualifications and conditions that the applicant must satisfy to be considered for admission to NU. The eligibility criteria varies according to the modes of admission.


Refers to the milestone in the admission process at which a candidate confirms and secures a seat in the offered programme by submitting their Class XII examination results and paying the applicable fee as per the chosen fee payment plan.

Modes of admission

Refers to the two modes in which admission is offered by NU for the B.Tech programme - Early Admission Mode and Regular Admission Mode.

NIIT University Engineering Test (NUET)

The online examination conducted by NU for admission to its B.Tech Programme. It consists of questions drawn from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and/or Biology.

Personal Counseling Interaction (PCI)

Personal Counseling Interaction is a unique counseling process conducted by NU for the applicants shortlisted for admission. This interaction between the applicants and their parents/guardians with designated officials from NU is an important prerequisite before an offer of admission is made to the applicant.


The milestone in the admission process wherein the student registers in a set of courses for a given semester as per the academic regulations. Registration is accompanied by verification of original certificates and mark-sheets.

Regional Admissions Offices

NU offices in regions set up to assist prospective students through the application and admission process.

Regular Admission Mode (RAD)

The conventional means to secure admission for applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and other norms set by NU. This mode of admission can be availed by applicants who have not been able to take admission through the Early Admission Mode.

Residential Campus

Hostel accommodation provided by NU on the University campus where all students are required to reside for the duration of their B.Tech Programme.

NU Admissions Committee

Committee appointed by the Board of Management of the University to take all admission policy-related decisions. The committee is headed by Dean - Admissions.

NU Scholar Search Programme

An innovative initiative by NU to identify, acknowledge and recognize merit through scholarship schemes. The candidates will have to prove their merit by satisfying additional standards and criteria set by NU.

Security Deposit

The interest free refundable deposit of INR 50,000 to be paid at the time of enrollment which will be refunded as per the refund rules of the University.

Scholarship Letter

The letter which notifies the student on the scholarship benefits being offered based on their fulfillment of the scholarship eligibility criteria. It provides information about, type and amount of scholarship, along with terms and conditions that govern the award.

Semester Payment Plan (SPP)

Semester Payment Plan is a fee payment option wherein candidates can pay fee semester wise. The first semester’s fee is payable on enrolment. The subsequent semesters’ fee is payable in advance by December 1 and July 15 every year before the commencement of the semester.


A candidate who has deposited the enrolment fee after accepting the B Tech admission offer and registered.

Total Fee

The sum of the University, Hostel and Mess & Laundry fee is referred to as the Total Fee.