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Ph.D Doctoral Students

Name & Address of the University: NIIT University, Neemrana
Sr. No. Faculty Department/Area Research Supervisor-1 Research Supervisor-2 (if applicable) Name of the Ph. D. Scholar  Mode of Ph. D. (Full-Time/Part-Time) Registration Number Registration Date Research Topic Likely Date of Completion of Ph. D. Availing Fellowship (Yes/No) Funding Agency of Fellowship
            On Campus Off Campus            
1 Engineering BT Prof. Sunil Khanna Dr. Narayan Kumar Alka Devi Y   D901112FBT265 31-Jul-12 Genetic Manipulation in Lactobacillus Brevis for Butanol Synthesis   Yes NU
2 Prof. Sunil Khanna   Heena Bisht Y   D901112FBT266 31-Jul-12 Bioremediation of Heavy Metals from Polluted Sites   Yes NU
3 Prof. Sunil Khanna   Liza Goyal Y   D901112FBT267 31-Jul-12 Cloning of Butanol Synthesis pathway genes from Clostridium Acetobutylicum into New Microbial Host.   Yes NU
4 Prof. Sunil Khanna   Pragati Y   D901112FBT269 31-Jul-12 Bacterial Hydrolysis of Cellulose and Improvement of Cellulase Activity   Yes NU
5 Engineering CSE Dr. Anirban Bhar    Gaurav Sharma Y   D501116FCS374 31-Jul-16 Partitioning and spatial aggregation for mining large spatial datasets      
6 Dr. Prosenjit Gupta   Supratik Banerjee Y   D501216FCS394 04-Jan-17 Research Proposal under Consideration      
7 Dr. Mohd. Anul Haq   Prashant Baral Y   D501216FGS397 04-Jan-17 Research Proposal under Consideration   Yes NU
8 Dr. Mohd. Anul Haq   Abhijit Ghosh Y   PH17GGS256 18-Jul-17 Research Proposal under Consideration   Yes DST
9     Amit Kumar Y   PH17ACS296 08-Jan-18 Course Work      
10     Divya Aggrawal Y   PH17ACS297 08-Jan-18 Course Work      
11 Engineering ECE Dr. Navin Kapur Dr. Sudheer K. Sharma Jetendra Joshi Y   D501213FEC396 04-Jan-14 Fast and Secure Data Dissemination in Intelligent Transportation System      
12 Dr. Navin Kapur Dr. Soharab Hossain Shaikh  Vikas Upadhyaya Y   D501213FEC397 04-Jan-14 Multiple Sensor Approach for Security & Srveillance      
13 Dr. Navin Kapur Prof. Vijay V. Mandke Meera Datta   Y D501213FEC398 01-Feb-14 Systems Design and Implementation of VSM based Connectomnal Instruction for Futures’ Learning and Employability      
14 Engineering ET Prof. Vijay V. Mandke Dr. Shradha Kanwar Deepti  Sawhney   Y D901112FET274 30-Jul-12 Designing and Implementing Value-Stream Based, Sustainable Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for Technology Integration in Schools      
15 Prof. Vijay V. Mandke Dr. Shradha Kanwar Uday Kranti   Y D901112FET276 30-Jul-12 Designing and Implementing Learning Design Methodologies for False Beginners Towards learning Process Effectiveness.      
16 Prof. Vijay V. Mandke   Amritesh Kumar   Y D501216FET398 04-Jan-17 Course Work      
17 Prof. Vijay V. Mandke   Vasanta Lakshmi Akondy   Y D501216FET396 04-Jan-17 Course Work      
18 Prof. Vijay V. Mandke   Satya Vir Singh   Y D501216FET395 04-Jan-17 System Designing CoEET through Additive Curriculum for Integrating Business Processes of Training Industry with Class Room T-L processes of University of Future (UoF) for Learners in continuously changing
19 Prof. Vijay V. Mandke   Bipin Kumar Sinha   Y PH17GET273 18-Jul-17 Course Work      
20 Management Management Dr. Deepak Khanna   Shivendra Mathur Y   D501213FMG395 04-Jan-14 Leveraging Employer Branding for Attracting and Retaining Talent: A Study of Select Indian Companies      
21 Dr. Deepak Khanna Dr. Deepak Khanna Arun  Kumar Y   D501215FMGT369 29-Mar-16 Role of Risk Management Framework in NPA Management- A Study of Select Banks in India      
22 Dr. Sushil Kalyani   Charu Kapoor   Y D501116FMGT366 31-Jul-16 To Understand The Role of Organization Support in Motivation of Employees to
Complete Online Continuing Education Programs
23 Dr. Sushil Kalyani   Rahul Shandilya   Y D501116FMGT373 31-Jul-16 Research Proposal under Consideration      
24 Dr. Raj K Kovid   Sanjeev Dhar   Y D501116FMG394 04-Jan-14 Subsidiary Management to reference to related party Transactions as a tool enhancing corporate performance - A Study of Indian Organisations      
25 Engineering SCI Dr. Vivek Shrivastava   Praveenkumar Ramprakash Upadhyay Y   D501115FSCI309 24-Aug-15 Designing And Preparation Of Supported 
Ruthenium Nanocatalytic Systems For Novel Methodologies
26 Dr. Vivek Shrivastava   Prashant Gautam   Y D501216FSC399 04-Jan-17 Ionic Liquid Mediated Synthesis of Nanocatalysts for Novel Methodologies   Yes NU