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MBA Projects

A representative list of projects that will be executed by MBA students as part of their internship:

Product and Brand Management

  1. Students identify two great or favourite brands and describe what makes them great or why they like them. Likewise, students identify two “bad” brands and describe what makes them bad.
  2. Students identify a brand extension that you feel is totally inappropriate or ineffective and analyse why. They bring a picture or advertisement or the item to class where possible and present their reasoning and analysis.
  3. Students collect print ads related to their favourite brands. Then the student analyze the advertisement in terms of brand equity and a concept or model from advertising (Hierarchy of Effects), or possibly persuasion (Elaboration Likelihood Model), or other concepts touched upon in the textbook .
  4. Students identify two favourite brands that integrate their brand elements well and critically reflect on criteria for choosing brand elements as described in the text books. Students critically reflect on the brand’s use of the options and tactics as related to brand elements.

Consumer Behaviour

  1. Measuring effectiveness of celebrity endorsement.
  2. A Study of Consumer Behaviour towards Mobile Banking Applications/Services in India.

Marketing Research

  1. A Study of women's role in purchasing FMCG in NCR Delhi.
  2. A Study of Consumer behaviour towards Green Products in North India.

Bank Risk Management

  1. Assets and Liability Management in XXXX Bank
  2. Application of Value at Risk Measure
  3. Yield Curve Fitting (using cubic spline method)

Financial Engineering

  1. Applying Options Strategies to Hypothetical Portfolios

Advanced Financial Management

  1. A note on Basel Guidelines
  2. Analysis of EVA and NROI to Indian Firms

Organization Dynamics

  1. Developing AV case studies