. MBA Academics - Course Structure, Projects and Placement Process

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MBA Programmes

The MBA programme at NIIT University is an innovative programme with several unique features. Given below are just a few of the ways the programme transforms an academically-sound MBA student into a distinctive corporate leader of the future:

  • Unique alignment with Emerging Sectors of the Knowledge Economy. Concentration Areas (commonly called Specialisations offered in Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, e-Commerce, Management of Technology and Banking. NIIT University is happy to play a pioneering role in introducing these Concentration Areas as part of the curriculum – this is the first MBA in the country to offer some of these domains. NU believes that industries and employment opportunities will progressively expand in these areas, and these courses ensure that students will remain future-ready. Students have to opt for one of these Concentration Areas, and allotment will be made based on performance and cohort numbers. Traditional Concentration Areas of Marketing & Sales, Finance & Accounting and Human Resources Management are also offered.
  • A Comprehensive MBA programme with 36 courses and 3 Projects over 6 terms, and Internship. In addition to core, advanced and domain-specific Management courses, there are specially-designed courses in Communication & Professional Life Skills, Management Perspectives and Professional Effectiveness. The programme goes beyond conventional MBA curricula with respect to the range and intensity of courses. There are adequate electives offered to accommodate special or parallel interests of students.
  • The Mentorship programme. Every MBA student is guided by a Mentor who is a corporate leader of eminence, typically a CEO of a reputed corporation. As Mentors share their rich experience and insights with students through scheduled personalized interactions, students discover top-level decision-making perspectives, the nuances of real-life corporate excellence and accelerate their own integration into industry. This is a truly unique initiative that has been successfully implemented for the last 4 years.
  • True-to-life Projects. The programme includes 3 real-life projects, including one drawn from the NGO space, plus 8-week Internship. The emphasis on projects is more than conventional MBA programmes, and serves to make the student industry-ready.
  • First-day First-hour Productivity and Emphasis on Early Careers. Several industry-linked components enhance the student's exposure, familiarity and application, such as projects, mentorship, special electives, industry interactions and Internship. As a result, students begin to contribute productively to their jobs as soon as they join. The programme also nurtures the student's early career by simulating situations and environments that would be faced in the first 5 years on the job.
  • Special Instruction Methods and Co–curricular Activities. The range of instructional methods and co-curricular activities goes well-beyond conventional MBA programmes. Instruction methods include classroom lectures, case-studies, e-learning tutorials, individual/group projects, workshops, seminars, business-games, simulations, and supervised Internship. Apart from Mentorship and true-to-life projects mentioned above, components beyond the classroom include Career Coaching by senior managers, guest lectures by leading professionals, Business Update sessions, Business Plan contests and a Finishing School for personality development. These are supplemented by a plethora of student activities to ensure all-round development of students, team-work and leadership.
  • Committed Industry Partners. NU's collaborating industries play a key role in the MBA programme. The programme design is decided in consultation, and their involvement is planned in the conduct of the programme and Internship. Many of the unique features of the MBA described above are possible because of the close relationship that NIIT University has with these industry partners.
  • International Immersion programme. An intense and supervised exposure, of about 3-weeks duration, to the economy and industry of an emerging economy, is an optional add-on to the MBA. This not only helps to acquire a global perspective, but also develops the ability to survive, learn and grow in an unfamiliar locale. In the past, students have gone through their immersion experience in the cities of Nanjing, Beijing and Shanghai in China.
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