M.Tech Programmes

M.Tech Programmes are designed in keeping with the Vision and Core Principles of NIIT University. The distinctive features of the all M.Tech Programme Structures are:

  • There are four common courses across M.Tech Programmes, which have the objective of nurturing a culture of research in a seamless knowledge pool with latest technology tools.
  • A distinctive R&D Project
  • A 6-month Internship in Industry
  • Opportunity to pursue individualized academic interests
  • Use of Synchronous Learning Technology in course delivery
  • Industry Professionals teach a course in part or full as Visiting Faculty
  • All M.Tech Programmes have industry as the end-user support including financial support in many cases

M.Tech Programmes require a student to complete 72 credits in two academic years constituting four semesters of which the first three semesters are on Campus while the last semester is conducted off-Campus at industry location. Under no circumstance can a student take more than three academic years to complete an M.Tech Programme. Academic regulations of the University define the minimum academic performance and other stipulated conditions for award of M.Tech degree.