Awakening Curiosity, Imagination and Innovation

M.SC Programmes

The NU Integrated M.Sc Computer Science Programme requires a student to complete 175-178 credits in four academic years constituting eight semesters. Seven semesters are organized on the Campus while one semester is conducted off-campus at the location of industry to complete the Industry Practice component.

A student cannot take more than three academic years to complete the integrated M.Sc Computer Science Programme. Academic regulations of the University define the minimum academic performance and other stipulated conditions for award of the integrated M.Sc Computer Science degree.

The courses are categorized as follows:

  • Programme Core - Humanities, Social Sciences & Management - to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Professional Core - to gain proficiency in domain area
  • Basic Sciences - Mathematics & Sciences - to develop analytical ability
  • Professional Electives - to specialize in an industry-specific domain
  • R&D Project - to inculcate a strong research bent of mind
  • Open Electives - to orient towards professional interests
  • Industry Practice - to build seamlessness with the world of work through Industry-work or Industry-oriented research