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The Industry Sponsored Programmes

NIIT University believes that collaboration between university and organisations can have deep impact on the competitiveness of both, the university and the organisation. In order to achieve this, NIIT University has launched a series of "INDUSTRY SPONSORED PROGRAMMES".

This suite of programmes has been designed to support collaboration between industry and academia, providing both with an opportunity to enhance and leverage their relationship. They create a win-win for both parties.

One of the guiding principles of this collaboration is the spirit of mutual approach - the organisations offer knowledge of business practices and trends and the University contributes proven methodology and expertise.

The NIIT University offers innovative and state-of-the-art lectures to secure high quality education, valuable knowledge and ground-breaking methodologies, while the organisation offers students the business experience e.g. through internships and opportunities to put their skills into practice. In addition, organisations also offer the opportunity to transfer theoretical ideas into practical projects and to implement research/knowledge in the real world. Thus, an internship offers the opportunities to observe and participate in real time projects under the guidance of industry professionals, develop professional and practical skills in one's field and understand what it means to apply knowledge in a real work setting. The Industry Linked programmes also help develop initiative and problem-solving capacity of students thus contributing to the success of individual and organisation.

NU has innovated in establishing strong industry connect across the entire supply chain, that is from sourcing prospective students through curriculum design and delivery to placing the students into industry as 'interns' first and employees later. The industry collaboration is not just limited to assured internships and placements but it extends to co-creation of the curriculum, regular expert lectures and talks by industry experts, joint research and evaluations. On the whole, the model of Industry Sponsored Programme created by NU is uniquely relevant for the world of work. Pedagogical innovations using technology to hilt have an enormous possibility of mass customization.

Some programmes sponsored by the industry are:

All the Industry Sponsored Programmes at NU have an Industry Advisory Board consisting of eminent leaders from industry who provide valuable inputs to the curriculum. The curriculum committee of NU has industry representatives who help in designing the programmes and make them futuristic. The programmes are 'co-created' with a collaborating organisation to ensure that the students create value for the organisations. Thus, the model of Industry Sponsored Programme created by NU is uniquely relevant for the world of work.