Industry Advisory Board

One of the core principles of NIIT University (NU) is consistently being "Industry-linked" via internships, placements and more. Participation of industry in every process and function of University as an equal partner is the NU philosophy. The Industry Advisory Boards (IABs) have been constituted to translate the above philosophy into action right from the inception of the University.


Very often academia is criticized for not having enough contact with industries and therefore not being in touch with industries' talent and research requirements. This core principle of "Industry linked" and consequent formation of IABs are aimed at building a strong, engaging and active relationship with the industry.

IABs have been set up for the various NU programmes including the M.Tech. Programmes (Computer Science & Engineering and Educational Technology) to participate with NU in various activities that cover the full spectrum from admissions to placements.

Portfolio of Collaborative Efforts

In specific terms, IAB influences and supports the following in the University:

  • Programme design and curriculum.
  • Identification of Adjunct Faculty from industry for both technology and management.
  • Process of selection of high caliber students.
  • Identification of research projects.
  • Process and approach for Industry Practice/Internship.
  • Placement opportunities in the industry.

In addition, the IABs are expected to be innovative forums that create new mechanisms to help students have a deeper and involved interaction with the industry. Also, the IABs will advise the NU leadership on industry trends and directions.

IAB Members:


Dr. V.K. Vinayak
President, Biopharmaceuticals R&D
Panacea Biotec Ltd.
New Delhi
Dr. S.V. Ramakrishna
Group Advisor – Industrial Biotechnology
Praj Industries Ltd.
Dr. Dinesh K. Paliwal
General Manager – Biologics
USV Limited
Navi Mumbai
Dr. Suman PS Khanuja, FNASc, FNAAS
(Former Director, CIMAP, Lucknow)
Mayar Biotech SEZ
New Delhi

Computer Science Engineering

Vivek Mansingh
Country Manager-R&D Center
Bagmane Parin
K Nageshwara Rao
Senior Director
India Engineering Centre
Sun Microsystems
Jaya Panvalkar
Pune Design Center
NVIDIA Graphics Private Ltd.
Dr. Ajay Bakre

Educational Technology

Vivek Agarwal
Chief Executive Officer,
Liqvid e-Learning Services Private Limited
Vivek Bansal
Managing Director India
LRN Corporation
Ganesh Krishnamurthy
Enterprise Learning Solutions, NIIT Ltd
New Delhi
Nitin Nistane
Chief Operating Officer,
Infospectrum India Pvt. Ltd.
Rohit Pandey
Classteacher Learning Systems.
New Delhi
JPS Kohli Group Manager
Microsoft Learning –MSIDC
Microsoft Corporation (I) Pvt. Ltd.