Ruzbeh J Bodhanwala

Ruzbeh Bodhanwala1 Ruzbeh J Bodhanwala
Designation: Associate Professor
Area: Finance and accounting
Qualification: Ph.D. (Accountancy), M.B.A (Finance), M.Com. (Accountancy), B.Com (Hons.), NET(UGC).
Teaching Field: Financial Modelling, Management accounting, business valuation and equity research, IFRS.
Research Focus: Fundamental Valuation and use of ratios in valuation.
Consulting Area: Equity modelling, corporate finance, IFRS.


About Me:

My last assignment was with HSBC Equity research, where I was responsible for developing and delivering training programs for equity analyst and I was also leading team on business modelling, equity models validation, climate change index and Shariah Index.

At GENPACT I was a certified trainer for Finance COE and Wachovia banking equity research team on business valuation.

Also served at FORE school of management and visiting faculty to many prestigious colleges like XLRI, NIFM, Fortune and IITTM.

Dr. Bodhanwala’s academic contribution includes research papers published in refereed journals. His research paper was also accepted for presentation at an International conference organized by ICFAI and Philadelphia University in 2005 and two case studies written by him have been published in ICFAI case folio and ICFAI reader. He has also authored four text books for post graduate students, published by Taxmann publishers and Prentice Hall of India titles as:


Books Published

1. “Management Accounting – Text and Cases”, Prentice Hall Of India, DELHI, 2005, Pages 498. (2nd edition, 2012, 6th Print, Pages 479)

2. “Financial Management using Excel Spreadsheet” Published by TAXMANN PUBLICATION, 2005,Pages 407, with free CD ROM, 3rd edition 2010.

3. “Analysing Balance sheet with Excel Spreadsheets” Published by PRENTICE HALL OF INDIA, 2005, Pages 238, with free CD ROM, 2nd reprint 2005, 2nd edition 2010.

4. “Learning Financial Management using Financial Modelling” published by TAXMANN PUBLICATION, 2004, pages 321 (with free CD ROM).


Research Papers

1. Bodhanwala R J, (July 2014), “Testing the Efficiency of Price-Earnings Ratio in Constructing Portfolio”, Journal of Applied Finance. Vol1407, 8

Presented at Eighth National Conference on Indian Capital Market: Emerging Issues, on 7-8 Feb 2014; “An Empirical Study on Analyzing if price earnings ratio can be used to construct high return portfolio”

2. Bodhanwala R.J (Sep 2006), “An Empirical Study On Analysing How Fund Managers In India Analyze Financial Reports With Special Focus On Quality Of Reported Earning” The ICFAI Journal of APPLIED FINANCE, Vol-12 No-9, PP 5-38.

Paper was also accepted for Presentation at International conference by ICFAI and Philadelphia University 2005.

3. Bodhanwala R.J, “How Market Values Shares – The Indian Scenario” (2003)

ABHIGYAN Refereed Journal of Foundation for Organizational Research and education, Vol-21 Number-23- December-03.

4. The WorldCom Accounting scandal published in CASE FOLIO-ICFAI. August 2003.

5. Can green Shoe Option give a lift to an IPO, published in ICFAI Reader October, 2004.

6. Chapter in a Book for limited circulation “HSBC Nutshell a guide to equity sectors” Sep 2010.