Fee and Scholarship

Scholarships for MBA Admissions 2015-17

Just as MBA aspirants seek the best institutions to pursue their studies and then the best corporations for their careers, farsighted and progressive companies undertake rigorous initiatives to nurture the best young talent. They seek to identify budding professionals with potential who possess a distinctive spark, and invest effort in grooming them with the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes that modern industry requires.

NIIT University is happy to announce such an initiative sponsored by industry that is designed to nurture excellence among MBA aspirants – the NIIT University Global Professional Scholarship award. Funded by industry, this award is a liberal financial assistance scheme available to prospective MBA students of NIIT University, intended to facilitate their admission and study in the new-age industry-linked Management programs of NU.

The NIIT University Global Professional Scholarship (NUGPS) scheme provides financial assistance of Rs 4,50,000/- to each awardee over the 2-year MBA period, credited directly to the University and adjusted against MBA fees and charges. Designed solely with the objective of grooming Managerial Excellence, the only significant conditions attached are that the student must maintain passing-grades (ie, CGPA of 5.00 out of 10) and have no disciplinary proceedings during the program. There are no conditions related to subsequent employment after the MBA. [Please click here for detailed Terms and Conditions.]

NIIT University proposes to enrol a limited number of MBA students during Admission Year 2015, and every aspirant selected for the MBA can expect to be granted the NUGPS Award. In other words, for this admission year, every candidate who is worthy of admission to the program, is also likely to receive financial assistance through the NUGPS award. All applicants for the MBA Program will be assumed to be applicants for the NUGPS scheme also.


The Annual Fees for the NU MBA program are Rs 5,24,300/- and Rs 5,28, 800/- in Years 1 and 2 respectively. However, the fees actually paid by students of the 2015-17 batch are likely to be significantly less, in view of the NUGPS scheme described above. For students under the NUGPS scheme, the fees will be Rs 2,99,300/- and Rs 3,03,800/- in Years 1 and 2 respectively.This figure includes hostel charges for double occupancy rooms for Men, and will vary slightly based on type of rooms (eg, double occupancy) and gender. The figure does not include food or personal expenses. [For details of fees, payment plans, refund rules and other conditions, please click here.]

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