About the Programme

NIIT University focuses on generation of knowledge and expertise in the emerging areas of science and technology by developing state-of-the-art physical infrastructure to produce quality manpower needed in areas for societal and industrial benefit.

The Biotechnology programme at NIIT University is driven by the development of theoretical knowledge base as well as the business needs of the biotechnology sector. It involves a flexible model where the course content would continuously evolve with the rapid changes occurring in Biotechnology Industry without compromising on the basic tools in the area.

The courses would provide competence in biotechnology by providing training in the areas of microbiology, biochemistry, analytical techniques, molecular biology and bioinformatics. Lectures, seminars and hands-on projects, both in-house and during industry or academic internships, form part of the learning process at NU. The major thrust is towards the integration of the theoretical knowledge with the hands-on practical experience. The students of this programme would interact closely with researchers in this area and also participate actively in the on-going research projects. The thrust areas of research are environmental genomics, structural and functional genomics, environmental biotechnology and Bio-energy with particular reference to bio-ethanol and bio-butanol.

By leveraging NIIT’s extensive linkage with Industry, NU would forge triangular partnership with the best in the Industry and academics and ensure sustainable academy- industry linkages in diverse disciplines of relevance geographically dispersed all over the country and still having intense inter-linkages between them.

The programme provides an integration of the courses in science, humanities & social science, engineering and technical arts apart from the development of core competence in basic aspects of biotechnology, which has now become a dynamic mathematical science. Successful completion of the B. Tech. in Biotechnology programme equips students for a career in Biotechnology Industry or pursuing a higher degree. Focus on variety of areas allows each student to customize their learning to target a wide variety of career options such as: